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Are we talking about Reservations?

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Basically we are the first travel club in Spain where we not only give you the opportunity to travel with the lowest prices in the market, but also, we reward you with your hotel reservations and commitment as a partner.

We want you to be your own travel manager, with the backing of a professional human team and a web portal that will give you the support and assistance necessary for the tranquility and guarantee of your hotel reservations whenever you need it.

Our goal is that when making your hotel reservations, avoid the classic concept of travel agency and discover the wide universe of hotels and beds available that we can offer, as we have more than 200,000 hotels worldwide .

In Maleta y Avión we want you not only save with your reservations in each trip, because our policy is not to win with your trips is that YOU win traveling with us.

If it could seem to be the slightest thing to you, the best of your experience in Maleta y Avión comes now because for each partner you contribute, we give you "5 Suitcases" in your private account, so you can use your virtual money and invest it as you want in Future hotel reservations or travel, without small print, with nothing to hide.

Maleta y Avión is a company formed by professionals of the sector with more than 15 years of experience taking care of the service to offer to the smallest detail. We look for the best prices on the market, a safe product as well as the most valuable hotel options according to your needs.

Because never a flat rate was so profitable, Maleta y Avión makes it easy, booking and traveling !!.