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This website uses cookies, computer files that are stored on the user's device during browsing and generally contain a number that allows identifying the user's device.
As a general rule, the following types of cookies exist:
Depending on its expiration:
Session: Expire at the end of the session.
Persistence: Do not expire at the end of the session.
Depending on your source:
Origin: Enabled by the website you are browsing.
Third parties. They come from other websites.
The purposes for which MALETA Y AVION uses cookies on its website may be the following:

Except in the case of analytic cookies, the use of cookies has an effect on the privacy of users since, as a rule, it allows to relate their content to the connection IP address and other personal data of the user, such as Those contributed voluntarily.
By accepting this Cookies Policy, the user will be consenting to the generation of cookies for the above purposes.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that the user subsequently wishes to delete cookies that have been stored on his computer and that necessarily require his consent, he may do so using the tools provided by his browser for such purposes. In this sense, you can find additional information through the following links:
If the user does not accept cookies or rejects them later, the functionality of the website may be impaired.
MALETA Y AVION declines any responsibility regarding the information of this website from outside sources, as well as the contents not elaborated by the same.
The function of the links that may appear on this page is exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other sources of information on the subject on the Internet, where you can expand the data offered on this website.